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Broadwater-Toole Realty is equipped with the personnel, tools, knowledge, and expertise to help you find the home of your dreams. 

Selling a home?

Selling a home can require more than just posting it on the latest popular sites. Knowing the market, the type of person looking for your type of home, how to market that home, and more can help you maximize your homes selling price. So why go it alone. Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC. is here to walk you through that process from A to Z.

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Catina Broadwater

Catina Broadwater Broker-in-Charge , Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC

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Aundia Caldwell

Aundia Caldwell Real Estate Agent , Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC

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The Broadwater-Toole Realty Mission

Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC has one goal. To help you reach yours. Owning your dream home is our number one priority, and we do everything within our power to make your dream your reality.