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Catina Broadwater

Broker-in-Charge at Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC

With family roots firmly planted in South Carolina, Anthony and Catina Broadwater were both born and raised in the Aiken area and continue growing a family legacy that has already provided rich dividends.

Struggle and sacrifice is something that built character for both Anthony and Catina at a young age. While neither Catina or Anthony lacked basic needs growing up, both sets of parents were too busy providing for their families and making ends meet to equip their children to adequately prepare for the challenges of financial planning and stability. Watching their families struggle, they vowed to work hard to build and leave a legacy of generational wealth for their children and grandchildren.

Hard work, dedication and integrity are at the core of the life Anthony and Catina have built together. Working in the corporate world for many years, Catina became a licensed Customs Broker and completed her Doctorate of Education. Together with Anthony, they created Broadwater Motors, Broadwater-Toole Vacations and have now launched Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC.

It wasn’t until Catina was in her thirties that she and Anthony were able to build their first house. She remembers walking through that newly-constructed, empty home and feeling such a sense of pride and accomplishment unlike she had ever felt before. She and Anthony want to bring that same sense of pride to as many new homeowners as they possibly can.

Anthony and Catina are serious about giving back to their community, and later this year will award their first student scholarship as part of their Broadwater Foundation initiative, which will be the start of a long and passionate relationship in helping to mold and shape the lives of the youth in their community.

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