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Leslie Brooker

Real Estate Agent at Broadwater-Toole Realty

Hello! My name is Leslie Brooker and I am an agent with Broadwater-Toole Realty. I have resided in Aiken my entire life and I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. In my spare time, I enjoy watching football, reading, and photography.

I have always loved driving around town looking at houses and imagining the potential of investment properties. My husband and I would also attend open houses on the weekends. I have gone through the buying process, twice: I purchased my first home in 2009 and my husband and I purchased our first home, together, in 2018. While the process was tedious, it was well worth it, in the end. My goal is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for my clients. Home ownership is an amazing and rewarding opportunity that I would love to help become a reality for you and your family!

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