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Regina Thurmond

Real Estate Agent at Broadwater-Toole Realty

Hi my name is Regina Thurmond. I am a new real estate agent with Broadwater-Toole Realty. I am new
to the profession. However, I am a dedicated, hard-worker that will be happy to help you in your quest
to home ownership.

I am a life-long resident of North Augusta, South Carolina. I am a single parent that understands the
struggles of trying to find the best location to raise a family. I’ve always been fascinated with looking at
all the new homes and the new subdivisions in the area. I have spent countless hours searching and
comparing properties throughout the CSRA.

I got into real estate because I wanted to help others be able to achieve the dream of home ownership.
Buying a home seems like an unachievable dream for some. I found myself in that same frame of mind
over 15 years ago. I’m here to tell you. it is possible and with my help and the help of the Broadwater-
Toole family, we can assist you throughout the home buying process.

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